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Vocal 300 Thread :: Vocal 300 no sound output 

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member since: 01/09/2012
messages: 1


Vocal 300 no sound output


Hi there,

I bought a vocal 300 second Hand, and was quite confident with it, untill the Power supply went dead.. no power output anymore, so I bought an universal Power supply with 1500mA at 12V and turned it down to 9V in order to have 1300mA... But it is a DC Power supply, while the Vocal 300 seems to need an AC Power supply... is that my mistake? The Display turns on as usual, when I plug in the Power supply, but no sound at all... The Vocal 300 initiates and the parameters can be changed and stored, just no sound..

Has anyone an idea what I can do??

greetz, Andy

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