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RP1000 Thread :: Please fix RP1000 Whammy! 

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member since: 07/12/2010
messages: 6


Please fix RP1000 Whammy!


I used to have a Legend II years ago and loved the Whammy for tuning my guitar "2nd Below". I then got a 2120 Artist and the 2nd Below sounded warbled/out of tune. I've had my RP1000 for almost a week now and the 2nd Below sounds warbled on it too.

What is the difference in the two units and is there a way to get the RP1000 Whammy to perform like the Legend II?

Please DigiTech, hear my cries and put out a firmware update to put RP1000 Whammy back like the Legend II! (even if it's Beta)(even if it's just for me :)


member since: 02/11/2009
messages: 1761


Re: Please fix RP1000 Whammy!


You will get no more updates for the RP1000. Anything that changes the pitch of a note on the RP1000 and some of the other RP's turns into warbled junk. There's no way out of it. You will have to add something external to the RP1000 if you want to have it work out.

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