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RP350 Thread :: Any RP355 features coming to RP350? 

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member since: 03/06/2008
messages: 17


Any RP355 features coming to RP350?


I just saw the RP-355 product page this morning:

From the product image, it looks like the Preset-Up, Preset-Down, and Bank A/B foot-switches can be modified to control Distortion On/Off, Chorus/FX On/Off, and Delay(Reverb too?) On/Off.

This is something I'd really like on my RP-350. Does anyone know if a firmware patch to the RP-350 will give us this mode?

The RP-355 will also have more amp models - 34 versus 25 on the RP-350. Again I wonder if we'll get an update to the RP-350 to give us those as well?

I'm pretty sure we won't get the 20-second looper since that would require more physical memory inside the unit. Ah well, I still like my (now-obsolete) RP-350 ;)

- Jim
Austin, TX


member since: 05/03/2007
messages: 58


Re: Any RP355 features coming to RP350?


i think such minor changes aren't worth buying a whole new pedal for if it's all software upgrades. the black casing looks nice and all, but i don't think many people will buy this as an upgrade to a 350, so they might as well give us firmware updates that actually do something we can notice since they already have so many satisfied customers like us.

sorry if any of that makes no sense, i just got back from a 500 mile road trip as the only driver so i'm a little loopy still. lol


member since: 03/18/2007
messages: 9


Re: Any RP355 features coming to RP350?


I emailed Digitech and asked them about porting the stomp mode to the RP350. Their reply was, "That functionality can't be added to the RP350." I don't really believe that it would be anything more than a firmware upgrade for that change, but regardless, they weren't offering. I didn't ask about porting new models or the longer loop delay; I can imagine they take up more flash and memory, so I didn't see the point in asking.

Oh well,

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