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General Discussion Thread :: Digitech RP1 as a midi foot controller 

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member since: 05/28/2007
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Digitech RP1 as a midi foot controller


Hi everyone,

Ive been using the old (but great) RP1 since the early 90s as an FX processor and preamp.
Know i also have a Boss GT-PRO to use in some different situations.
I would like to try and use de RP1 only as a midi foot controller for the GT-PRO when im not using de RP1 as a FX processor. Im not worried about the lack of volume/expression pedals because i can use them seperatly connected to the GT-PRO. I just want to use the RP1 to change patches or for CC messages.
Is there anyone using the RP1 like this??? Is it possible to use it just as midi foot controller??
I have this questions because i never used midi foot controllers before and i dont want to spend my money on another foot controller if i can use de RP1 like that.
Your opinions and tips are welcome... :)


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